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A center finder for small collets with adjustable spring

Center finder for small collets

A center finder for 6mm collets with adjustable spring.

Milling tool height probe with cooper plate plus battery powered led

Milling tool height probe

A tool height probe that can be used for cnc or with a led and a power source.

Lathe steady rest mods

Steady Rest

Ball bearings mod and a new clamping plate with a quick-lock lever to make it much easier to set.

Mini-lathe headstock mods

Headstock Mods

A metal gear and tapered roller bearings for the new 100mm spindle plus a new gears lever on the front.

Mini-lathe apron mods

Apron mods

A new halfnuts lever, a new gears shaft and a disengageable apron handwheel.

Bandsaw blade guides mod

Blade guides

Bandsaw blade guides milled, drilled and taped for fine adjustment screws.

Mini-lathe spindle nuts wrench

Spindle Nuts Wrench

A set of two spindle nuts wrenches, made on the lathe.

Shop made QCTP for the mini-lathe

Norman Patent Toolholder

A QCTP design from 1925.

Shop made spindle cleaning tool

Spindle Cleaning Tool

Easy to make and very useful for when using MT3 tooling on spindle.

Parting toolholder with back rake angle

Parting Toolholder

With back rake angle.

Mini-lathe cross slide extension and thrust bearing

Cross Slide Extension

With thrust bearing and lock-nut.

Mini-lathe carriage lock

Carriage Lock

Choosing where to do it.

Shop made center finder for the lathe

Center Finder

A spring center for use as center finder and for taping.

Mini-lathe leadscrew handwheel

Leadscrew Handwheel

With 60 divisions dial and a disengageable handwheel.