Mini-lathe mods and lathe tools projects

Purchased the 7x12 mini-lathe on January 2007. It is a nice tool within the size limits for my projects and, for a first time lathe owner, it is definitively the nicest machine on the home workshop. Within the first few months I had test a lot and pointed modifications to do. These small lathes can be improved as much as you like or need. Some mods and fixes are very popular among mini-lathe owners, others are more specific to the work one use the lathe for.

This one is a Einhell mini-lathe, manufactured in China by Real Bull, and some mods may not work the same way with a Sieg mini-lathe. Take a look at what is already done.

Mini lathe saddle
Mini-Lathe Saddle

fitting the saddle to bed

Mini lathe carriage  lock
Carriage lock

for the Mini-lathe

Mini lathe apron
Mini-Lathe Apron Mods

and disengageable handwheel

Mini lathe chucks
Repair lathe chucks

someday will re-check it

Mini lathe bed
Mini-lathe bed

preparation and mods

Mini lathe headstock 4 inch spindle
Mini-lathe headstock mods

100mm / 4" spinde upgrade

Mini lathe steady  rest
Lathe steady rest

ball bearings mod and a quick-lock clamping plate

Making a QCTP for the lathe
A Norman Patent toolpost

a QCTP from 1925

Making a wrench for the  spindle nuts
Spindle nuts wrench set

made on the lathe

MT2 spring loaded  center
Wiggler / Center finder

also used for tapping

Mini-lathe  spindle cleaning tool
Spindle cleaning tool

to clean the MT3 bore

Drawbars for the mini-lathe spindle
Lathe drawbars

for tooling and work-holding

Parting toolholder with back rake
Parting toolholder

for parting with back rake angle

Mini-lathe cross slide extension
Cross slide extension

plus thrust bearing and lock-nut mod

Mini-lathe leadscrew handwheel
Leadscrew handwheel

disengageable and with 60 divisions dial

Mini-lathe tachometer wheel
Mini-lathe Tachometer

work in progress

Mini-lathe chuck backplate and front mount chuck mod
Lathe Chuck Backplate

and front mount chuck mod