Milling machine mods and milling tools projects

For long time all the milling work was made on the mini-lathe, so the first milling tools were made for it.
Never found a way to take a look at a Weiss, Sieg or Realbull mini-mill. But unexpectedly was lucky to get a Roland that was about to go to the scrapyard. So that's the small mill to start with.

Collet chuck for small drill bits, with Miniplex collets
Collet chuck

for small drill bits

Air and coolant hose for milling machine
Roland PNC-3000

milling machine modifications

A center finder for small collets with adjustable spring
Center Finder

for small collets

Milling tool height probe with copper plate plus battery powered led
Tool Height Probe

for manual or cnc

Fly-cutters made on the mini-lathe

made on the the mini-lathe

Making a slotting saw arbor
Slotting saw arbor

with tommy bar